About RHC

RHC is an independent Canadian insurance broker representing you, the policy holder, by providing competitive quotations through numerous insurance markets.

We are licensed to sell policies for several different insurers in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba .

Established more than 100 years ago, we are committed to providing and maintaining a comprehensive and competitive insurance program. We’re not here to tell you what to do; We’re here to guide you through the insurance selection process by giving you knowledge necessary to make sure you have appropriate, affordable and holistic insurance coverage.

We offer the following services:

No obligation quotes ‐ Coverage consultation
Claims consultation
‐ Liability certificates

By selecting RHC, you are choosing to work with an insurance broker who will help you make the best informed decision for your specific personal and business insurance needs.

That’s why we offer the 360 advantage – our promise to educate you about insurance options, make sure you’re completely covered and help you understand the coverage you choose.

We offer more than 70 professional insurance brokers in eight offices who can help provide the following insurance plans.

Auto Insurance ‐ Business Insurance ‐ Home Insurance ‐ Travel Insurance – Visitors to Canada Insurance ‐ Watercraft Insurance

Our Promises to You/Core Values


Every RHC employee will act to the highest ethical standards when dealing with colleagues, insurance companies and the public.


Our clients trust us to provide the right advice about protecting their assets and safety—and we take that seriously. We will act in good faith when we are dealing with our insurance company partners, customers and each other.


We will produce greater results working as a team than if we work by ourselves.

Customer Focus

When making any decisions, we will always think about the impact to our customers first.


Everyone at RHS  (RHC) is accountable for our goals and to our customers. We will be the first one to admit when we are wrong and make it right.

Professional Development

Having a well taught and knowledgeable staff is a key to success in our industry. We will make every effort to ensure our staff is the best educated in the region.

Corporate Sponsorship

  • Nelson Youth Soccer
  • Kootenay Avalanche Hockey Program
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Relay for Life ‐ Cancer Society
  • LV Rogers Secondary School Scholarships
  • LV Rogers Secondary – Nelson
  • JL Crowe Secondary – Trail
  • Stanley Humphries Secondary ‐ Castlegar
  • Grand Forks Secondary
  • Mt. Sentinel Secondary ‐ South Slocan
  • Salmo Secondary
  • Lucerne Elementary School ‐ New Denver

360 Advantage

The 360 Advantage is our promise to inform you about insurance options, make sure you’re completely covered, and help you understand the coverage you choose. We want to guide you through the insurance selection process by giving you the knowledge necessary to make sure you have appropriate, affordable and holistic insurance coverage.


No two people or businesses are alike. That’s why it’s important to choose the best insurance to fit your specific needs.
But choosing one of the seemingly endless insurance options is sometimes overwhelming. Our professionals can help you sort through your choices, answering all your questions, and giving you knowledge about each option. We assist you through the selection process to make sure you’re equipped to make the best decision for yourself and your company.


Often, people and businesses don’t realize the importance of having adequate insurance until after an incident occurs. RHC insurance brokers understand the complicated ins and outs of the insurance world and can help avoid potential disasters happening to you or your business. Because accidents can happen at any time, make sure you have adequate coverage now. Don’t wait until you’re dealing with the aftermath t with expensive bills and time-consuming paperwork.


With so many options for insuring yourself and your business, it’s key that you fully understand the differences each plan offers. Just as important as understanding your coverage is knowing where you might still be at risk. Your broker will explain all the details about the coverage you chose and how it applies to your needs, as well as the areas in which coverage may still be needed.

RHC brokers are specialists in assessing your entire insurance portfolio to understand how you are covered and where you are at risk. Your RHC insurance broker’s consultative approach can determine whether you have overlap or gaps in your coverage, as well as whether a combination of policies could be most appropriate, potentially saving you a lot of time and money.

That’s the 360 Advantage.


RHC Insurance Brokers’ high-performing team of brokers have been guiding residents of the West Kootenay region through the insurance selection process for more than 100 years. 
The company was formed as RHC Real Estate and Insurance in 1908 and proceeded to go through a series of transformations. After a number of ownership transitions, as well as acquiring additional insurance agencies to expand its reach, the company officially became RHC Insurance Brokers Ltd. in 2005. 
Today, RHC Insurance Brokers has 70 licensed professional insurance brokers in eight offices centrally located throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.